Who Are We?

Our website brings together the gaming elite, the future pro players and the casual enthusiasts.
With multiple leagues across five of the best gaming titles available today, gamers are able to compete for pride, prizes and prestige or boost their skills playing with gaming addicts of similar standards.

SSK Is Run by the Members For the Members.

The admins are the main group decision makers for our community. The admin positions are not permanent positions. This means if an admin becomes inactive, or unable to do his/her job, it is the duty of the other admins to vote them off. Anyone can potentially become an admin in the future, simply by working their way up through the staff ranks.

You are the Star!

SSK's main focus is you, the member. We want to help you achieve whatever goals as best we can. This means if you are a streamer, we want to promote your stream and help you get viewers. If you are a shoutcaster, we want to give you opportunities to show off your talents.


Our Philosophy

Here at SSK we don't want to use the members, we want the members to use us. It is our philosophy that if you provide a member with the facilities to enjoy themselves, they will give back to the community. We don't want to coerce you into donating, we want you to enjoy the community so much that you want to donate, or give your time as a staff member, or contribute however you see fit to help the community thrive.

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